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Body Of Believers: Africa: This is beyond a book. this is a true story of how a small African group of young men and women experienced Christian conversion that was beyond religious, rigid dogma: The experience that stirred up their spiritual gifts and with one accord they conveyed the message to their entire village, their nation, then to the nations of the World. This is an account of how God is not a respecter to a person: He used them as He did with the Apostles: The same God we read about in the book of Acts. Here African believers conducted the church: Services: Under trees - Into homes - In the bushes - In forests - In valleys - Up the hills: And wherever they flocked by Faith. Apart from conducting church services they went out for outreach as they reached the un-reached. Meanwhile, they have planted churches all over their nation and beyond the borders of their country. They have sent the missionaries from Africa to the Western World: God used them in the modern cities of the Western World as He did in the isolates villages of The Third World. The book you are about to read will take you all the way to Tanzania: East Africa: Then to the nations of the World. Read the book!

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