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Presents recent progress in low-profile natural and metamaterial antennas This book presents the full range of low-profile antennas that use novel elements and take advantage of new concepts in antenna implementation, including metamaterials. Typically formed by constructing lattices of simple elements, metamaterials possess electromagnetic properties not found in naturally occurring materials, and show great promise in a number of low-profile antenna implementations. Introductory chapters define various natural and metamaterial-based antennas and provide the fundamentals of writing computer programs based on the method of moments (MoM) and the finite-difference time-domain method (FDTDM). Chapters then discuss low-profile natural antennas classified into base station antennas, mobile card antennas, beam-forming antennas, and satellite-satellite and earth-satellite communications antennas. Final chapters look at various properties of low-profile metamaterial-based antennas, revealing the strengths and limitations of the metamaterial-based straight line antenna (metaline antenna), metamaterial-based loop antenna (metaloop), open metaloop antenna, the effects of counter dual-band CP radiation, and more. Offers comprehensive coverage of both metamaterials and natural materials for low-profile antennas Written by an internationally-recognized expert in the field of low-profile antennas Depicts actual high-performance low-profile antennas for the antenna engineer Draws on classroom-tested material in graduate courses and short courses over the past 20 years Low-Profile Natural and Metamaterial Antennas is a must-have reference book for advanced undergraduate and graduate level students as well as antenna engineers interested in low-profile antenna design theory.

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