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Remote viewing is defined as "the peculiarities of perception, allowing to obtain information that is not available to any of the five senses because of the distance in time or space, thanks to a psychic abilities". In other words, distance vision - is to use intuition to describe the goals (objects, events, or any other type of media) that are inaccessible to normal senses due to the fact that they are far away in time (past or future), space (in other parts of the world), or due to blocking by other objects (if the target is, for example, inside a closed steel safe). For a long time it was thought that remote viewing, like other forms of extrasensory perception (telepathy, clairvoyance), are possible thanks to the fact that the brain works as a kind of "mental radio", receiving neuro-electromagnetic waves. However, Russian and American researchers have disproved this theory.The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung shows that understand extrasensory perception, we can only once explain normal sensory perception. Based on the philosophical writings of Parmenides, Platon and Kant, Jung reveals how unconscious archetypes enable both sensory and extrasensory perception. Synchrony as non-causal principle of the connection between mind and matter, finds a continuum of consciousness-matter, establishes a link not only between the mind and the universe, but between science and spirituality. Synchrony - is the link that makes remote viewing possible.

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