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Four classic tales of adventure in the frozen north, from the master of action and suspense, available for the first time in this e-bundle.Discover why Alistair MacLean was the most popular thriller writer of his generation in these four classic stories of the frozen north – a deadly military submarine mission in the Arctic Ocean, a murder mystery in the darkness of the Polar night,a terrorist-induced plane crash in Iceland, and high-stakes sabotage in the pipelines of the Alaskan oil fields…Night Without End – An airliner crashes in the polar ice-cap 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The ten survivors seek refuge at a remote scientific research station In temperatures 40 degrees below freezing. But which of them killed the pilot before the crash, and why?Ice Station Zebra – The atomic submarine Dolphin has impossible orders: locate and rescue the men of weather-station Zebra, gutted by fire and drifting in the ice floes north of the Arctic Circle. But the orders do not say that the fire was sabotage, and that one of the survivors is a killer…Bear Island – A film crew sails north to a barren Arctic island – with a killer on board. As passengers and crew start dying, a wartime graveyard of ships and men explodes in violence once more…Athabasca – Two of the most important oil fields in the world have been sabotaged: one in Canada, the other in Alaska. As targets fall, a deadly and efficient enemy is intent on causing the utmost destruction.

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