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Brand N/A Model 2040 Quantity 1 Color Black + blue + silver Material NdFeB Features 20 x 40mm DC electro holding magnet; Attractive force 25kg; Voltage: DC 12V; Cable length: 22cm English Manual/Spec No Other Electro holding magnet can generate powerful attractive force under power-up state and it has an effect of ceasing or moving on adsorbent objects when installed on automation equipment. When it is applied to the automatic processing production lines to delivering products or materials such as: delivery production line sorting machine transfer arm experimental facilities medical treatment polishing incising and cutting the delivery operation is simple and easy to control besides remote operation is also approved. Electro holding magnet is very different from common strong magnet for it requires the surfaces of adsorption objects are as smoothly as possible moreover the adsorption plane should not be smaller than the magnet adsorption surface. There should be nothing else between the magnet and the adsorbent object that is to say they must contact and joint with each other completely otherwise the attractive force would be decreased. The effective distance is 0(they must contact and joint with each other completely) and the attractive force of all electromagnets would be very weak or 0 if the interval is wider than 1mm. Attractive force means the suction generated by total contact between magnet adsorption surface and adsorbent ironwork(magnetic metal) under power-up state. Packing List 1 x Electromagnet (22cm-cable)

В любой день недели есть способ купить 20 x 15mm dc electro holding magnet blue silver black 22cm cable у одного из отобранных компаньонов: dx.com, Aliexpress VIP. свой выбор — 2 интернет-магазинов, при средней цене продукта порядка 1726.73 руб. Судя по рекомендациям о 20 x 15mm dc electro holding magnet blue silver black 22cm cable можно не задумываясь советовать производителя DX как заслуживающую доверия и бескомпромиссную фирму.

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