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Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2004 in the subject Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, grade: A, Vienna University of Technology, 120 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This thesis examines the relationship of Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Technology (IT) using a holistic view. The first chapter presents definitions of knowledge and KM, discusses related fields to KM and knowledge types, argues what KM activities can be supported by IT, examines areas of IT related to KM, defines the focus of this thesis, and presents interesting artifacts. As areas that require flexibility, creativity, and learning are especially in need of KM, this thesis concentrates on them. The next chapter analyzes the goals of KM, problems to be addressed by KM-systems, goals and problems of a university, problems of (existing) KM-systems, and the requirements of a KM-system that supports a KM initiative that addresses the mentioned problems and does not suffer from the described problems. Following the identification of requirements for KM-systems, chapter 3 discusses important preconditions and foundations for KM and KM-systems. As a "complete'' KM-system can only be part of a "complete'' and holistic KM initiative, this examination presents indispensable issues for such KM initiatives and discusses the importance and relevance of them. The next chapter presents three existing solutions (CYMANTIX.NET / Oracle /...

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