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The objective of the study is to analyze and assess the integrated paradigm for Mobility in the Strategic Master Plan of Bangalore for 2015. The scope of the study is limited to the spatial aspects of the urban structure and its interaction with public transport. The urgency of the study is because of the rising problems of Megacities in Developing countries where economy and demographic growth outstrip the infrastructure provisions. By embracing a paradigm shift from the conventional to an Integrated Planning approach, can Bangalore meet its aspiration of a World Class City? The methodology adopted endeavors to understand the Mobility issue from the Urban Design & Planning as well as Transportation Planning Perspective. The case study of Curitiba, Brazil for the paradigm brings to light the benefits of using mobility as a tool to enhance quality of life and promote social equity. The Bangalore case is studied and reviewed against the derived parameters for sustainable development for organizing the urban form/ structure/ development and public transport. One can conclude on the basis of the study that the Master Plan is actually not a mobility-driven plan.

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