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The book examines how Fog will change the information technology industry in the next decade. Fog distributes the services of computation, communication, control and storage closer to the edge, access and users. As a computing and networking architecture, Fog enables key applications in wireless 5G, the Internet of Things, and big data. The authors cover the fundamental tradeoffs to major applications of fog. The book chapters are designed to motivate a transition from the current cloud architectures to the Fog (Chapter 1), and the necessary architectural components to support such a transition (Chapters 2-6). The rest of the book (Chapters 7-xxx) are dedicated to reviewing the various 5G and IoT applications that will benefit from Fog networking. This volume is edited by pioneers in Fog and includes contributions by active researchers in the field. Covers fog technologies and describes the interaction between fog and cloud Presents a view of fog and IoT (encompassing ubiquitous computing) that combines the aspects of both industry and academia Discusses the various architectural and design challenges in coordinating the interactions between M2M, D2D and fog technologies «Fog for 5G and IoT» serves as an introduction to the evolving Fog architecture, compiling work from different areas that collectively form this paradigm

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